2022 Spring / Summer Fashion Trends

2022 Spring / Summer Fashion Trends

2022 Spring / Summer Fashion Trends

In the fashion industry, the 2020s is often known as the decade of rebellion. The fashion industry has been rebelling against all sorts of conventional garments, from the wedding dress to the coat. In this article, we will explore what to wear in 2022 spring / summer fashion trends. 

The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. It often changes at a rapid pace. But there are some things that never change--such as the need to be fashionable and well dressed. Here are some predictions for what to wear in 2022!

Low-Slung Waists

High-rise jeans my have dominated our wardrobe for over a decades, but come spring 2022 things get a whole lot more '00s as the low-slung waists makes its way back to the forefront of sartorial conscious.

Low-Slung Waists Pants - Pink Me Blue Boutique

Pleated Skirts

One of the most wearable trends to come out of this round of runways was the pleated skirt. Printed, plain, colorful, monochrome, paired with knits or paired with a bralette, as long as it's pleated then you're bang on the money.

Pleated Skirt - Pink Me Blue Boutique


We know, cut-outs are not new news. They were a few seasons ago, but they're proving to be far more of a long-term look than any of us initially gave them credit for. Cut-outs are a major trend this season. We’ve seen it from the runway to the red carpet and everywhere in between.

Cut-Outs Styles - Pink Me Blue Boutique

Between The Lines

“The striped jumper was a sell-out in winter and the look has made its way into 2022," says Moore. “Remember vertical stripes lengthen your figure and can be slimming. Pastel colors are gorgeous for spring, so give these a go.

Striped Fashion 2022 - Pink Me Blue Boutique